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Curbside Junk Removal

Convenient Outdoor Pickup & Disposal Services

What is curbside junk removal?

Do you not want to be present to pick up your junk? Don’t worry… Just set your junk outside and we’ll do all the rest. All at a lower cost!

No hassle hauling away, so you don't need to be at your appointment.

Curbside junk removal is comparable to the standard full-service junk disposal, but instead of our Loaders going to your home and removing your unwanted items from your home You simply need to place your items outside prior to the scheduled pick-up date. We then take care of the remainder.

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How curbside junk pickup functions

1. Contact us to brief us about your item and to schedule a time to pick up your item.

2. Bring your goods to the curb the day of pickup. For a lot clients, it’s simpler to take their items out on the day prior to.

3. Our movers will arrive and give you a no-cost estimate. If you approve they’ll begin the removal of your clutter.

4. As you might not be at home, or you may come outside during the time of pickup we need a credit card to be on file. We will charge once all items have been loaded into our truck.

5. We do our best to give away or recycle your belongings. Since weather is often an issue when things are outdoors, shielding your belongings from the elements by using an awning will significantly increase the chances of getting accepted at a nearby charity. Our junk removal specialists will then fold the tarp and put it in front of your door unless you give us any other specific instructions.

Frequently ask Questions

If you reserve curbside pickup with a haul service You won’t have to attend your scheduled junk removal date and the cost for removal is reduced. This gives you the choice to not have to miss working or spend time waiting for your junk removal service to show up.

If you’re short of time and are able to put your things outdoors, this is the ideal junk removal option for you.

Making a reservation for a curbside junk pick-up with us will be simple. You can either call 123456789 or book an online pickup. Simply enter your zip code to verify the availability in your area. Then, you’ll be offered the choice to choose the option of Curbside Pickup or in-home Pickup. Then, you can keep scheduling the date of your pickup.

To dispose of junk on the curb, you’ll need to put your junk outside your property, or on your porch, on your driveway or at the curb prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Most often, this is done in the morning prior to when you go to work or go out to run your other chores. If the items you are removing are very heavy and require assistance, you should ask for help with moving in order to avoid injury. If you physically can’t move the items yourself or don’t have someone to help you, we recommend choosing an In-Home Pickup instead.

We at the junk removal Tracy CA consider your safety paramount and moving large objects can be dangerous. Take care and use cautiously when moving large items.

Junk Hauling Service That Defines the highest standards

We provide professional removal services that is a perfect example of the highest quality. We have junk haulers are hardworking and experienced experts who will provide you with the professional speedy and precise service you’re looking for. Our team members can make garbage hauling seem to be like eating a bite cake. Tracy CA Junk Haulers is a company with an obsession with the environment. We are concerned about the environment that has us. That’s why we try to give away or recycle the items of our customers that are not wanted anytime we are able.